City landscapes is my ongoing project- the pictures were taken from 90′ of the past century till today in different cities in Europe., My idea is to build an imaginary picture of a modern city — not a specific one — but, using a title of a famous book written by Italo Calvino — an “Invisible City”.

This idea of one imaginary place a kind of a puzzle built with various photographs is what I’m particularly interested in,  and I’m trying to realize this concept in the City landscapes.

These photographs do not tell a particular story – I think they are more a kind of a specific space in which the viewer is a creator of  his own interpretations. For me they are also a sort of question ( witch I consider a phenomenon of photography)  – how it is possible to go beyond realism by realistic imaging, realistic measures. The concept of an ideal city – a model inducted by the idea of rationalism and functionality, is a negative point of reference  – I’m interested in space in a state of chaos, becoming, change, unpredictability. I have the impression, that today’s reality cannot be described otherwise than by piece, clipping, margin, what is overlooked.