MAGIC KRK as at 2020


The idea of making a series  called ​​“The Magic KRK” (Magic Cracow) was born properly on Facebook. I posted photos there with a short ironic text, most often providing them with the title “Magic KRK”. Of course, this is a reference to a marketing slogan, reproduced in infinite configurations in official narratives about Krakow. The magic KRK in these photographs became a kind of negative of the city in relation to the concept of “magic” – a trademark of the tourism industry.

Magic KRK is not a project in a strict sense. This means, above all, that it is not a task to be accomplished. It also means that its form is not planned and defined in advance; in this way, it does not have to meet the requirements that are usually expected of a project, i.e. coherence and continuity of the narrative line. However, it is not a collection of random photographs, it is above all, a visual memory of everyday living in a certain environment : social, architectural, emotional. It is a conscious reaction to routine, devouring the fullness of our co-existence with things, people, shapes, colors, moods, gestures, interactions, emotions. It is an attempt to capture, perhaps the most important aspects of living: inaccuracy, irony, carnival, anarchy.

The Magic KRK is also a story about looking and mindfulness. It’s about what sometimes emerges from the surface of things, and how rarely these moments happen.