The state of abandonment, uselessness, emptiness – one of the most traumatic experiences of a human being. We face it in different ways throughout our lives – sometimes it accompanies us for years, sometimes it only happens once –  it falls on us for no reason, all at once  – making us suddenly lose faith in the sense  of any action, any activity. Then it disappears, seemingly leaving no trace behind.

Nevertheless there are moments when the feeling of abandonment and emptiness overwhelms us for other reason – it comes under the influence of certain images, small gaps in “normal” reality: places and situations sometimes too fleeting to be fully understood and described. They lie down for a fraction of a second on our eyes and evanish as quickly as they appeared. They leave behind an undefined feeling of anxiety, emptiness, and uselessness.

In this project, I try to define and specify the nature of these images, tame them, give them a meaning in the act of photographing, let them resound and reappear in the frame, make these ANTI-SPACES return to the order of reality that can be talked about and thought about.

Most of the photos in the series come from the last few years, all of them were taken in various European cities.