In the Views of Nature series I refer to the title of the book by Alexander von Humboldt (1808). It became one of the first manifestos of ecology, highlighting the effects of human-induced land-use and climate change on the natural world. This photographic series is about the relationship between humans and  the world of nature,  it shows the variety of contexts in which these two orders – nature and civilization coexist and intersect with each other. Two hundred  years ago Humboldt listed the three ways in which the human species was affecting climate : deforestation, irrigation and the masses of gas and steam and produced in the industrial centers. This problem  is more and more actual. The theorists of the anthropocene – in particular Bruno Latour (Politics of Nature) point to the following assumptions, to which I refer indirectly in the project:

Do not let knowledge be classified into predefined boxes.

Acknowledge the power of images to educate the masses on complex scientific subjects. Use them as a tool of positive influence.

Adopt new strategies of cohabitation between humans and nature. Move from a dynamics of nature’s domination to a dynamics of cooperation with nature.

The photos were taken in Poland and Italy in the last few years